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Cost: Free!
Type: This course offers the support of a coach (or mentor).
Time Commitment: Each lesson will take about 1 hour to complete (that’s 5-7 hours total), depending on how much you decide to discuss with your coach.
Duration: You have 15 days to get started and 35 days to complete all 5 lessons. Due to our limited number of coaches, your course may close if you do not begin by the allotted time.
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If you recently decided to make Jesus Christ part of your life or want to know what it means to follow Him, this free online course is for you. You’ll learn how to grow in a relationship with Jesus and how to become more like Him each day.

New Discipleship Coaches in Training:

If you've recently completed the video portion of your video training and haven't yet completed the hands-on portion, you're in the right place! Welcome to the interactive part of your training! When you register, you will be assigned to a trainer and will be able to take (a copy of) the Know Jesus course as a student.  

You will have 35 days once you are matched with your trainer to complete the course training. We encourage you to go at a steady but relaxed pace so that you can have regular interaction with your trainer. 

This training is designed to familiarize you with the course content, see a demonstration of the work of a discipleship coach with the guidance of your trainer, to provide more specific instructions related to engaging with students in the course, and to answer any questions you have about your role as a Discipleship Coach.  

These paragraphs in blue will not show to real students. Below is the description students see before they register.

Know Jesus is an introduction to the basics of what it means to know Jesus and live as a Christian.  It is an individual course with a one-on-one mentor we call a Coach. The interactive course includes five short lessons, with each focusing on one of the following questions:

  1. What does it mean to have faith in Jesus? 
  2. Is there a guidebook to life?  
  3. Can I communicate with God?  
  4. How can I find real power to live God’s way?  
  5. So now what?